China Mineral (Yingkou) Magnesia Co.,Ltd.

zhongkuang magnesia concentrate on making magnesia refractory materials

        China Mineral (Yingkou) Magnesia Co.,Ltd. is located in Dashiqiao, a city that is referred to as the "Magnesium Capital of China" in the beautiful and richly endowed region of Liaodong Peninsula. The company was established in 2017 .Formerly as Yingkou(China)Mineral Magnesia Co.,Ltd. (2008). In the same year, CZ Lake International Trading Co.,Ltd. was established in Dalian.

        Leveraging abundant magnesite ore resources, the company primarily produces,processes and sells products such as Fused Magnesite, Big Crystalline Fused Magnesite, Caustic Calcined Magnesite,Dead Burned Magnesite, and Medium Grade Magnesite over the years. From 2017,due to the increased demand for Magnesia carbon bricks from our clients.In order to reduce procurement costs for our customers.Magnesia carbon brick factory was established.It occupies an area of approximately 80,000 square meters and currently employs 158 individuals, including 24 technical experts. It boasts 15 large-tonnage grinding machines, and three production lines. In order to ensure product quality and meet customer needs, the company has introduced advanced testing methods and fully-equipped laboratories, continually embracing efficient management and business concepts.

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